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Rwanda Trading Company

We are committed to securing economic freedom and security for smallholder coffee farmers building resilient, transparent supply chains.

Our model is built on trust and communication.


Extensive Training & Support

Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) offers financial literacy, agribusiness management and agronomy training programs to increase yield and keep farmers operational, profitable and healthy.


Oversight & Access

We oversee milling, processing and quality control and provide access to the futures market to secure the best prices for farmers.



It’s a highly collaborative effort that generates long-term economic stability from the ground up.

Rwanda Trading Company processes and exports 20% of Rwanda’s yearly coffee production



Shyara Mountain Case Study

In 2013, RTC embarked on a long-term agronomy project in the Bugasera District of Rwanda’s Eastern Province to improve quality, yield and farmer income from coffee crops.

At the time these were the main difficulties facing farmers:

• farmers were largely isolated and poorly informed

• the delivery of their coffee cherries to the local washing station was disorganized

• there was no central organization to oversee the prices farmers were being paid

• no financial incentive to produce greater quality coffee

• no training program to support good agricultural practices.

As a result, coffee was often sun-scorched and topsoil was eroded and lacked nutrients.

We hired a field officer, (Theoneste Suremwe), to liaise with coffee farmers and introduce them to our aims and approach.

He started grouping 298 farmers (184 men and 114 women) into 7 groups, and taught them about Best Agricultural Practices.

After the successful trial which saw farmers tripling their yields and delivering high end specialty coffee in 2 years, we expanded the program outside of RTC owned wet mills to other partner wet mills.

Currently we have 41,438 farmers who are active in the Agricultural Training Programs (ATP) and 9,276 graduate farmers who are still delivering coffees in our supply chain.

Farmers at Shyara Mountain wet mill tripled their yields, delivering high end specialty coffee in only 2 years


We offer a range of different qualities of green coffee, catering for micro roasters, large cafe chains and traders.

We supply Specialty, certified, traceable and other commercial quality coffees.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our product offering.

RTC owns and operates eighteen wet milling stations and works directly with farmers throughout Rwanda – buying, milling, processing and marketing their coffees.


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We service roaster clients throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

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